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    A Groundbreaking
    Solution for Your Applications

    You're ready to manufacture a next-generation electric motor. We're here to exceed your expectations.

    More Power

    Experience superior power and torque
    density. You will feel the difference.


    Assemble several motor designs on a
    single production line.


    Utilize rare earth-free solutions with excellent power densities.

    Our Expertly Designed
    Electric Motor Portfolio.
    Take Your Pick.

    Our wide range of performance-proven designs allow manufacturers to build the electric motors they really want. We're taking electric motor innovation to the next level. Ride with us.

    Learn more about our Trapezoid Series

    Our Motor Manufacturability Benefits

    A shorter and easier process

    Our stator is assembled and not wound, which simplifies motor manufacturing and shortens its timeframes.

    Zero waste

    In our industry, sustainability matters. That's why the use of SMC enables us to design an ideal zero waste manufacturing process.

    Cost-performance trade-offs

    Several versions of the same motor can be assembled on the same production line, which saves money that would normally be spent on additional infrastructure.

    The comfort of familiarity

    We're in the innovation business, but we understand the value of familiarity. That is why rely on standard & well-known manufacturing processes.

    Let's Talk Cost-Performance

    Partnering with EVR allows you to create a single electric motor assembly line that reduces tooling, logistics and support costs – with a minimal investment.

    One assembly line
    a wide range of beneficial variations

    Magnet variations
    Coil variations
    Voltage variations
    Air/water cooling

    Want to learn more about our motors?

    Our motor catalog showcases the variety of designs and manufacturing options made possible by our unique topology.

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