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    Electric Motors

    Developing smaller and lighter electric motor technology has always meant less power – or additional costs. Until now. Based on our unique and patented Trapezoidal Stator topology, our electric motor provides superior power and performance – and is less than half the size and weight of state-of-the-art RFPM motors.

    A Powerful Radial Flux Motor that Defies Expectations

    The market yearns for compact electric motors that do not elevate production costs and introduce groundbreaking innovative technology. This is where we come in.


    Straightforward engineering design, with no complex, expensive, weight-saving extravaganzas. More cost- effectiveness per kilowatt with a significantly lower bill of materials. A shorter, easier and cost-efficient production process. Quicker and simpler assembly.

    Independence from Rare Earth Elements

    Electric motor magnets rely on rare-earth materials that raise red flags in terms of sustainability and price. In some configurations, we can offer rare earth-free solutions that achieve power densities normally encountered only with Neodymium.

    Superior Power & Torque Density

    Equipped with 3-dimensional trapezoidal teeth and windings, our motor generates increased magnetic flux and reduces flux leakage. Combined with improved cooling and excellent copper utilization, our motor can produce more power than existing RFPM motors.

    Tailored to User Requirements

    From magnets and coils to rotor structure and cooling design, the Trapezoidal Stator topology can be tailored to a variety of needs and requirements.

    Learn about our unique



    From fully electric to mild hybrids, our motors can benefit a wide range of automotive and industrial vehicles.

    Two & three wheelers

    Where every centimeter and kilo saved is critical.


    Where space and cost are most restricted, but emissions can be improved. Our 48-400V hybrid solutions will provide an amazing boost.

    Passenger & light commercial vehicles

    Where significant weight reduction is every designer’s dream.

    Industrial applications

    Our Solutions

    Tailored Motor Design

    Our motors can vary in size, power, rotor structure, voltage, cooling method and more – in accordance with specific requirements. Variations are based on unified design and tooling, thereby maintaining low assembly and logistics costs.