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    Better electric motors.
    Brighter industry horizons.

    We are a team of innovators, business leaders and engineering experts, who share years of experience in solving some of the world’s (and beyond) most complex problems. Relying on our forward-thinking approach to engineering, we were able to reimagine the field of electric motors – and pave the way for more efficient, cost-effective and accessible EVs.

    Meet our leadership

    The race to Net-Zero Emission

    "In order to align with net zero emission goals, OEMs are investing significant resources in EV solutions. With its groundbreaking technology, EVR Motors is opening a new window of opportunity for future-oriented OEMs."

    Nick Rogers Chairman of the board

    Nick Rogers
    Journey toward global impacts

    "This is a journey to engineer a better future for the electric motor industry. By reimagining electric motors, EVR is creating a global impact, and we are committed to working together towards a shared vision of success."

    Ophir Shoham Member of the Board

    Our vision

    “Electric vehicles are key to our world’s sustainability. Our goal is to help vehicle
    manufacturers transform the industry, by making electrification lighter, cheaper and more flexible.”

    Opher Doron CEO

    Partner relationships

    "To meet our partner’s needs, we invest in lean and effective processes that facilitate quicker and more efficient project management."

    Eli Rozinsky President, COO & Co-Founder

    A dedication to innovation

    "Our data driven approach is challenging current electric motor design norms, allowing us to introduce innovation to new fields."

    Victor Kislev CTO & Co-Founder

    Our production process

    "We employ advanced production practices that enable our partners to meet the rising demands for cutting-edge electric motors."

    Ruslan Shabinski VP R&D & Co-Founder

    Support starts with knowledge

    "We are acutely aware of the industry's changing needs. We know what matters to our clients and partners, and are therefore able to support their decision-making process regarding electric application manufacturing."

    Noa Kroin VP Business Development

    Noa Kroin
    Establishing global presence

    "The synergy between India's conducive business environment along with high manufacturing capabilities and EVR's innovative solutions will take us forward in the upcoming years"

    Sajal Kishore Managing Director EVR India

    Sajal Kishore

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    We Are Committed to Positive Impact

    Reducing carbon footprint

    Electric vehicles play a central role in reducing carbon emissions. We are proud to empower EV manufacturers worldwide, and to help the world achieve carbon neutrality.

    Less dependance on unsustainable materials

    We aim to increase the incorporation of sustainable materials into our motors, and reduce the use of materials that require unsustainable practices.

    Strengthening the local economy

    From planning to production, we rely on local workforce to achieve our objectives. As we continue to scale up, our production facilities will remain localized.

    Let's empower the EV industry. Together.

    We're looking for talented professionals to join our growing team.
    Check out our available positions. Can't find a match? Send us your CV anyway to jobs @ evr-motors.com